Our job is..... Helping You Keep What you Earned.


Jamie is the Founder of Life Planning Consultants, LLC.

He specializes on the needs of the retired or those about to retire by focusing on the Three Pillars of Retirement Planning:

           Protection ~ Preservation~ Distribution

Protect their wealth and ensure that it last.

Preserve their assets against the risk of retirement, market loss and long term care and nursing home confinement

Distribute the highest income with the least amount of taxation.


Jamie  has provided guidance to families and funeral homes for the past 19 years in Medicaid compliant and structuring prepaid burial accounts and is expert in the field of funeral planning.  He has assisted thousands of families in helping them protect and keep what they have earned. Jamie also is a frequent guest speaker at various community seminars and workshops discussing topics such as Funeral planning, Medicaid, and Veterans Pension Benefits.  Mr. Cowan is known in Connecticut for helping veterans and their widows with a little known benefit that most are unaware that it’s available to them.